For Gala, music is her LIFELINE. Ever since she can remember, music has been in her soul, and it’s helped her discover more of who she is. A deep thinker, Gala challenges the status quo and questions why things are the way things are. She is driven to always pursue understanding – about life, the world, interconnectedness, humanity, and the ultimate role and question – “Who am I?”

As she discovers more of who she is and explores her identity, music gives her a sense of belonging. During this time in her life, Gala is learning more about her intersecting identities, gender expression, and how she relates to others. But throughout all of this, music is her constant – “music always fits,” she confides.

“Music is air” and what she lives and breathes; Gala gets jazzed about everything music. The constant in her life is music– music is within her no matter what else is going on. Music is her soul.